Complete orthodontic practice management

Staying connected throughout treatment has never been easier

Hugo Systems is a fully cloud-based orthodontic practice management system. Our flexible, all in one, easy-to-use platform takes care of your practice so that you can focus on patients from anywhere, on any device. Manage scheduling, reporting, treatment posts, billing, and so much more.

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To find out all about Hugo Systems' benefits and features.

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Make sure your appointments are correctly scheduled

Our appointment grid is clear, customisable, and totally scalable to any practice size. It is equipped with everything you need to manage your schedule.

You can create sophisticated scheduling rules to meet the requirements of even the busiest orthodontic practice, allowing you to structure your day to suit your needs.

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Create comprehensive treatment reports

Follow the reporting journey and make sure you don't miss a thing. You'll be guided through a process that breaks up your treatment report into easily manageable sections, allowing you to collaborate with your team and compile detailed reports for your patients.

When you tick a clinical term on your patient report, a comprehensive explanation will be generated for patients. Simplifying complex medical terminology and enhancing your patient's understanding of their treatment.

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Track a patient's treatment through time using our interactive timeline

Hugo Systems gives you complete transparency throughout treatment. You can see every appointment, in-treatment photos, elastic prescriptions and all of the information about a patient, giving you precisely the information you require to make treatment decisions.

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Engage like never before

Our unique portals allow patients and referring doctors to log in and track treatment. This allows you to boost patient and referring doctor engagement, improving communication and empowering collaboration throughout treatment.

Patients can make and manage their appointments, rate your service, read their treatment report, see their treatment progress, and much more.

Patients grant their referring doctors access to their portal, allowing them to track their oral hygiene, treatment progress, and enhancing communication and transparency amongst colleagues.

Your portals allow you to boost your patient and referring doctor engagement, improving communication and empowering collaboration with their treatment 24/7.

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